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Adrienne Thompson

       Stories from the soul...for the soul

The Bluesday Series

Bluesday: Bobbie Brooks is living the life she's always dreamed of. A life full of music, success, and love—or so it seems. Suddenly, her perfect world shatters, leaving her alone, broken, and penniless. In order to heal, Bobbie must confront the demons of both her past and present. Will she be strong enough to move into her future and make a new start with an old flame?

Lovely Blues: Blues singer, Bobbie Brooks, returns in this follow-up to Bluesday. With Reggie by her side, she faces more of life's ups and downs. Is their love strong enough to endure it all?

Blues In The Key Of B: Blues In The Key Of B is the third installment in the ongoing story of a blues singer for whom the blues is all too real. In this offering, new mother Bobbie Brooks faces unforeseen troubles as she continues the fight to keep her life on track and hold her family together. Meanwhile, her niece, Tomeka, has a story of her own to tell. Fans of Bluesday and Lovely Blues, get ready for Blues In The Key Of B!

Locked out of Heaven (Tomeka's Story): Sixteen year-old Tomeka Brooks ran away from home for the love of Abraham Rios, a twenty-two year-old ex-convict out on parole--leaving her family behind to worry. Madly in love, she and Abraham make a new life in a new place. But when Tomeka's world begins to fall apart, will love be enough to save her? Step into Tomeka's world of forbidden love on the run as seen through her eyes. (This is a follow-up to Blues In The Key Of B)

All books available on Kindle, Amazon UK, and in paperback. (FREE with Kindle Unlimited!)

CLICK HERE to download discussion questions for this series.

The Been So Long Series

***Note: Books are listed in reading order***

Rapture: Learn how the drama all began in this prequel to the wildly popular novel, Been So Long.

Mona-Lisa followed her boyfriend, Corey, to college with dreams of building a stable future with him and leaving her troubled past behind, but a chance meeting with a handsome stranger threatens to derail their relationship and send her right down a path she has tried to avoid.

If (Wasif's Story): Set during the same time frame as Rapture (A Been So Long Prequel), If is told from Wasif's point of view. Fans of the Been So Long series and members of #TeamWasif will love this short prequel and will learn new facts about one side of the dramatic love triangle that comprises this popular series. (This book was originally available exclusively at

Been So Long: A woman, her married lover, an ex-boyfriend, and the ties that bind them together.... Whatever Mona wants, Mona gets...including another woman's husband. But when a face from the past re-enters her life bringing with him long repressed memories of a painful past, she begins to question the decisions she's made. Will she make a change or stay the course with her lover? 

Little Sister: Readers captivated by Been So Long will eagerly devour Little Sister. A runaway at the age of twelve, Cleo Williams is now an adult with her own family. As she faces down the demons of her past, will she lose her family and her sanity?

Been So Long 2 (Body and Soul): A woman, her husband, her ex-lover, and the ties that bind them together... The drama continues in this eagerly awaited and highly demanded sequel to Been So Long. Married for three years, Mona-Lisa and Corey face normal, everyday marital issues. But with a past like theirs, normal can spiral out of control at any second. Will they be able to hold things together or will Mona revert to her old ways?

Been So Long III (Whatever It Takes): They’re back… Mona-Lisa, Corey, and Wasif return in the third installment of the popular Been So Long Series with more drama, more ups and downs, and the ongoing battle of love vs. lust. Been So Long III is a surefire must-read for fans of this series.

September (The Christina Dandridge Story) A Been So Long Companion Novel: Born to an interracial couple in Arkansas circa 1960, Christina Dandridge’s life was tumultuous from the start with things only growing worse as the years passed. Wrought with abuse and abandonment, Christina’s life is a journey of ups and downs and trials and triumphs. 

This is a companion novel to the Been So Long series, chronicling the life of Mona-Lisa’s mother and setting the stage for the dysfunction that plagued the lives of both Mona-Lisa and her sister, Cleo

Been So Long IV:The gang's back, picking up where they left off in Been So Long III. Mona is still struggling to trust her father. Cleo is still struggling to find hers. And Mona, Corey, and Wasif? Well, that's still complicated. Family, love, and drama... you'll find it all in Been So Long IV!

All books available on Kindle, Nook, Amazon UK, and in paperback.

CLICK HERE to download discussion questions for this series.

The Your Love Is King Series

Your Love Is King: ***Your Love Is King is a 2015 Romance Slam Jam Emma Award Finalist in the category Inspirational Romance of the Year*** 

Plus-sized divorced nurse and single mom, Marli Meadows, is tired of the monotonous rhythm of an unfulfilled life. She is seemingly stuck in a perpetual cycle of low self-esteem and bad decisions. With her daughter approaching adulthood, she decides to make a change and leaves her dysfunctional parental ties and going-nowhere relationship with an occasional boyfriend behind in exchange for a travel nursing job in another state. Enter the handsome Chris King, who oozes confidence and pursues Marli relentlessly. Chris is white. Marli is African American. And therein lies the first of her issues with him. Your Love Is King is an Edgy Inspirational Interracial Romance novel that chronicles one woman's journey toward self-acceptance and love. *This is not your ordinary inspirational novel* CLICK HERE to download Your Love Is King discussion questions.

Better: First, her marriage fell apart, then her life fell apart. She’s been through hell. He just wants to make things better… but will she let him? 

Carla Foster is still reeling from what she calls “the ultimate betrayal” of catching her husband in the midst of his infidelity. Now, seemingly stuck in marital limbo, she finally decides to move on with her life only to find herself face-to-face with a monster. As her life begins to crumble, she wonders if things will ever get better. Will Carla be able to find healing and eventually, love? (Discussion Questions Included)

Both books are available in Kindle and paperback, Nook.

The Ain't Nobody Series

Sedução (Seduction):

A sexy Brazilian man. An insatiable older woman. An indecent proposal.

Young, handsome, and aptly able-bodied Victor Castro is every woman’s fantasy. When propositioned by the insatiable Myra Jennings, will he take the bait, step onto a new path, and escape his life of poverty?

This novella is a prequel to the bestselling novel, Ain’t Nobody.

Ain't Nobody:

She wanted a family, but at what cost?

With her biological clock ticking like a time bomb, Alex Weaver issues her long-time commitment-phobic boyfriend an ultimatum. Soon, things are back on track and Alex is well on her way to her “happily ever after.” That is, until she makes a discovery that rocks her to her core. When Alex decides to take control of her future, she begins to make some life-altering decisions that set her on the path of fulfilling her goal of having a family. But will she be able to deal with the consequences?

CLICK HERE to download discussion questions for Ain't Nobody.

Both books are available on Kindle and in paperback. (FREE with Kindle Unlimited)

The See Me Series

See Me:

Olivia Moy is ready to tell her story. Can you handle her truth? 

"I loved him so much. I loved him and I hated him. I needed him and I needed to be free of him. He was everything to me and he?d taken everything away from me."

Olivia Moy, widow of a beloved author, struggles to cope with the untimely death of her husband. Seeking solace with her only child, she soon befriends a neighbor and begins to reveal shocking marital secrets. Can she find healing without destroying her late-husband's legacy?

CLICK HERE to download discussion questions for this book.

See Me, Too:

“Love is as destructive as it is generative, as perfidious as it is devoted, as unseemly as it is beautiful.” – Dr. David A. Moy

In this sequel to the controversially explosive novel, See Me, we revisit the Moy family and learn that the legacy of dysfunction left behind by the brilliant Dr. David Moy is more entrenching than one could ever imagine.

Olivia has moved on with Bennett Paul but finds that letting go of the past is not at all easy.

A newly married Jason Moy finds himself battling demons of his own.

Avery Moy is tangled in emotions he can't seem to control.

New characters are also introduced, and new secrets are revealed in See Me, Too.

Purchase Links:

Kindle and paperback (FREE with Kindle Unlimited)

After the Pain:

Barely grasping on to her sanity due to past trauma and unhappiness, LaVonda Ingram leaves her home in search of peace and finds it in the love of a beautiful man. But will she be able to hold on to the healing and peace his love provides? 

No Pain, No Gain:

Rochelle Warrior is tired of living the life of a single mother and soon hatches a plan to solve her problem. But will love find its way into the equation?

Joy and Pain:

Hyacinth Manor matriarch, Rosa Stark, is known for her wisdom and guidance when it comes to matters of the heart. That is, until the matters concern to her own heart. When she stumbles upon the man who could be her soul mate, will she look past pre-conceived notions and give love a chance?

Purchase Links:

Kindle and paperback


When You've Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven)

A Gospel singer on the edge...

A Gospel singer's world is ripped apart by an unexpected revelation, leaving her wondering if anything is really as it seems, and sending her on a journey towards healing and an unlikely love.

CLICK HERE to download discussion questions for this book.


For ladies’ man Ivan Spencer, there really is no place like HOME.

A family emergency brings former rapper and current real estate mogul, Ivan Spencer, back to his long-abandoned hometown. While there, he must deal with his confused mother, his elderly, philandering father, his flaky sister, an unreliable aunt, and a face from the past who makes him question some of his earlier decisions. All he wants to do is to get things squared away and return to his life, but as it turns out, he must deal with his own issues first.

CLICK HERE to download discussion questions for Home.

Summertime (A Novella)

An unlikely journey… an unlikely love.

J'Nay Walker is a talented singer, driven toward success by a promise she made to her late mother. One gloomy day, on the tail of some disappointing news, tragedy strikes, threatening not only to derail her plans, but to end her life. As a result, she soon finds herself on an unlikely journey with an unlikely love.

Kindle and paperback:

Amazon UK:

(FREE with Kindle Unlimited) 

CLICK HERE to download discussion questions for Summertime!!

****Summertime has been reviewed in USA Today!!!!****

CLICK HERE to read the beautiful review!!!

Seven Days of Change (A Flash Devotional)

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..."

Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV 

While our Heavenly Father is an unchanging God, change is inevitable for us as we travel the earth in our fleshly bodies. And since it is inevitable, it would behoove us to learn to embrace it rather than resist it. However, change is uncomfortable. And who wants to be uncomfortable? But there is often a blessing in being uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the most wonderful blessings are often found beyond your comfort zone. Oftentimes, we fight change when God is merely trying to position us for a miracle or, at the very least, a blessing. 

In this short devotional, Author Adrienne Thompson shares insight about change and highlights the importance of obedience to God using her own personal experiences.

This is the first in her Flash Devotional Series and her first stand-alone, nonfiction title. 

Purchase Links: Kindle, paperback. Nook

The Ex Chronicles

Love is a powerful drug…whether it’s the love of family, friends, or that special someone who takes your breath away…chances are, you know the feeling. But what happens when it all goes wrong? Do you break up, then make up? Or do you just walk away?

In The Ex Chronicles, twenty talented writers share stories about relationships that falter…among spouses, lovers, family, and friends. From Penelope Christian’s story of a woman who goes to great lengths to save her “perfect” life… LaKesa Cox’s story of a woman finding the strength to finally let go after forty years of marriage……to Dwon Johnson’s heartbreaking tale of losing the one you love. . . to Yvette Danielle's unexpected twist on judging a man by his shoes. . .these stories will make you laugh, cry, and root for the exes in these chronicles.

Each riveting story reflects on broken bonds, bruised hearts, and open wounds - proving that all is fair in the battle of the exes.

Order your copy today!

To order a signed paperback copy of Adrienne's books, send your request to: [email protected]

***Note: Rapture and If are only available in electronic formats***