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Writer Wednesday with Author TM Brown

Posted on October 30, 2013 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Today's guest is Author TM Brown! View the video to learn about her!!

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Excerpt from her novel, "Struggles of the Women Folk"


Donnie would never see his angel face. He might not ever see his lil Angel girl, either. Donnie had forgotten all about me and started a life with someone else. The day I put my baby boy in the ground, I put my feelings for Donnie in there with him. No one was ever gonna hurt me that way again.

“Now maybe you can understand what I mean, child, when I tell you that men ain’t shit,” said Aunt Adele. “It don’t matter if we good girls or bad, they still treat us like shit in the end. It’s just how dey iz.”

Aunt Adele’s words felt like the truth to me as we put my baby Charlie in the ground.

To learn more about TM Brown or to purchase her books, visit the websites below:

Author of "Struggles of the Women Folk"

Co-Author of "Just Between Us"

Author of "A Life Not My Own"